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Hi and welcome to my little shrine to Duo Maxwell! Here you'll find lots of things about Duo, some of which are even fun to read about!
Duo: And just what is that supposed to mean?
Umm...nothing! *ahem* Anyhoo, there's the generic biography and general information, lots of nifty pictures, and even some fandom stuff.
Duo: Don't forget to also check out the media section. Lots of downloadables!
Yeah, that seems to be what I'm best at. *shrugs* Oh well, gotta stick to what one knows! *nods*
Duo: Umm, does this mean you'll be spending the next several days playing KotOR again?
NO! Well, umm, not unless the really do release an extended version of KotOR 2.
Quatre: *sighs*
Duo: Never mind. Enjoy your stay everyone!

You're just jelious that I've beat it and you haven't.
Duo: Hey, when you can beat both Halos, then we'll talk!

last update: 07.06.2005

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