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old updates

07.06.2005: Ehe. Yeah. Nothing else new besides the layout, though if I ever get around to getting the fics finished, I'll have those up here. Have something you want to see about Duo? Ask me! Please! *great big puppy dog eyes*

02.02.2004: Another new layout. Added a new wallpaper, two new fics, and a new Winamp skin! ^_^;; Submissions are ALWAYS open, so if you have something, let me know!

05.27.2003: Heh. Yeah. New layout. Hey, I like it!! *ahem* Anyhoo, this update is for putting this up. I do have a few new things to add, but as I have to go to work tonight, I won't be able to get them up tonight. I'll aim for tomorrow, but since I don't know what my schedule is tomorrow, I can't promise anything. Anyhoo, I have some new gallery images, a new wallpaper, and there was something else but I don't remember what! ^_^;; If you have something you'd like to submit, I'd REALLY love to hear from you!

05.05.2003: Ummm...yeah. Sorry. I've had nothing to put up!! -_-; I've had nothing Duo related sent to me or anything. *sighs* But I'm not giving up this site!! *hugs it* I can't! ^_^;;; And, I've actually got a couple of fics with Duo that I'm working on. One's a Clerk's parody, and one's a character development type story. Oh, and do you like the new layout?? I don't know if I do or not. I'll keep it for a while. If I don't like it, I'll switch it to something else.

11.29.2002: Ehhhe! ^_^;; Put up a new WinAmp skin. And I've added my Duo fandom as well. There's not much, but hey, it's something new!

10.09.2002: Yeah, it's been a while. Sorry! ^_^;; I'm working on adding some fanworks of mine. Maybe if I put some up, others will be willing to send theirs in. I dunno. I also went ahead and changed the layout. Stylewise, I think I actually like it better. It's similar to what it was, but I think it'll be easier to update. I'll keep it for a while. *G* I also went through and update the links to everything, so everything should be correct now.

06.06.2002: People are signing my guestbook!! Thank you everyone! ^_^ And Sledge linked me at DBG! *happy dance* *ahem* Anyhoo, I know I said I'd keep this layout for a bit, but I'm experimenting right now with new stuff. If I find one I like more, I'll switch over. I'm still undecided for now. And I'll be working on some more downloads tonight. Just to play around with some stuff. Check back next week for an update on those, and a link to my Jacon report.

05.28.2002: I'm keeping this layout for a bit. I just love it to much. Added a new ICQ Plus skin. I'll work on some new WinAmp skins when I get back from Jacon. ^_^

05.28.2002: Welcome to the new domain!! Sledgstone was kind enough to give me room to host this little shrine on his server, and i'm very very grateful! I've gone through and updated everything i can think of, and some other stuff as well. *G* Isn't this great having it ad free? *happy dance* Anyhoo, i haven't decided if i'm changing the layout itself. This is one of my favorite layouts, though i really couldn't tell you why. But i've had it for a long time, so maybe i should give it a rest. *shrugs* I dunno. Oh well. I hope to add a fandom section soon, but we'll see about that. I hope you enjoy your look around, and don't forget to sign the guestbook! ^_^